What Is Stage IV Breast Cancer, How Is It Treated And What Are The Survival Rates?


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After the breast cancer spreads to the lungs and the brain, how long do people live?
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The four main overall breast cancer stages range from the least severe, Stage I, through Stage II and Stage III to Stage IV. In general, the more severe the breast cancer stage at diagnosis, the shorter the expected survival time.

Stage IV breast cancer is the most advanced. The original tumour in the breast has spread to the lymph nodes and beyond to other tissues and organs in the body.

In Stage IV breast cancer, it is very difficult to completely rid the body of all of the cancer and the treatments devised aim to reduce symptoms, get rid of as much of the cancer as possible, and to extend the survival of the affected person. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment and surgery are all used, depending on how advanced the cancer is at the different sites.

Although some women survive a lot longer, even with Stage IV breast cancer, the average figures show that only 20% survive for 5 years after being diagnosed, although new treatments are improving this all the time.
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According to stage IV breast cancer can live a lot longer when the Significant Biological Conflict is resolved and no chemotherapy or radiation therapy is given. The fear of death results in new lung lesion; the fear of hunger after the side effect of chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea occur lead to liver tumor. There is a concentric lesion noted in the cerebellar region of the hind brain, specifically on the right side, at the out set of the acute conflict phase, and immediately a tumor is produced on the left breast if the woman is right handed. Go to the web site and learn this new paradigm of medicine.
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My friend has stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to other organs. She has been on 5 chemo treatments. They are going to do a pet scan to see if the tumors have shrunk at all. Her overall health is failing. I am at a loss of how to reply to her. We have been friends for many years and have been thorough many things together. I am a cancer survivor myself but I need some suggestions.

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