What Blood Pressure Reading Mean?


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120/80 or lower is a normal blood pressure. 140/90 or more than that is considered high blood pressure. If the blood pressure is between 120/80 and 140/90 then this is known as "prehypertension". This shows that the person is at the beginning stage or at the risk of high blood pressure. If this is the condition then contact the doctor he will guide properly and can whether person has high blood pressure or not. Majority of the doctors, before deciding that the person has a high blood pressure or not, check blood pressure several times on different days. If a person has prehypertension or high blood pressure then he should try to check his blood pressure on regular basis and keep in contact with the doctor.

Blood pressure limits:

Normal blood pressure:
• Systolic range is less than 120.
• Diastolic range is less than 80.

• Systolic ranges from 120 to 139.
• Diastolic ranges from 80 to 89.

High blood pressure (stage 1):
• Systolic ranges from 140 to 159.
• Diastolic ranges from 90 to 99.

High blood pressure (stage 2):
• Systolic rage is more 160 or more.
• Diastolic rage is 100 or more.

Low blood pressure occurs when person systolic pressure is constantly comes below 90 or 25 points below normal reading. Hypotension can be highly dangerous and can be cause for shocks. In such situations contact doctor at once.

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