How Do I Treat A Boil On The Inner Thigh Without Seeing A Doctor?


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My dad gets them all the time from eating chocolate, *or at least HE thinks that's the reason*, but we alternate hot & cold rags on the boil, and they will come to a head and pop that way.

Get a hot wash cloth or towel, lay it on the boil until it starts to cool, then get some ice cubes in another rag, and put them on immediately after.

Keep doing this back and forth for about an hour. If it doesn't come to a head right away, *some of dad's did, some took a few days*, keep doing it, as often as you can.

I'll say a prayer for you. Love & Light, Gina
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Go to your local pharmacy and ask the pharmisit. They have several produts that are good for this.
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Goto a doctor and have them drain it and treat it if you think it is bad /big is a page from the mayo clinic on boils/
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A boil is something that you can go to a doctor and treat but to me it is a completely waist of time..A boil forms and grow to a certain size burst and smell horrible when it do.. It develops and go away on its on...with or without seeing a doctor..
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This is what my family has used for years.  You need to go to an old hometown pharmacy and ask for campher tablets, put into a jar of water for about 2 days and then take a rag soaked in it and apply to boil (good for zits also).  Another backwoods remedy is something called black salve, you also have to usually get this from an old hometown pharmacy.
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Go to a doctor have him check it out to be on the safe side just t omake sure nothing can be caused by it then you can schedule an appointment to have it removed which my be a little painful but it may not also if you are afraid you can remove it yourself with warm milk just applie on the boil and it should break  then applie a bandage if the boil comes back do the steps over again.
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To get rid of boils, there is an old remedy, heat milk and apply till boil is ready to break and drain.  The enzimes in milk seem to draw it out.  Once drained, clean and clear the area and apply bandage.  If it reocurs, do process again. It will eventually clear.  Had boil under my arm, did this, it came back and continued to do so.  No longer a problem.  Boils are often caused by an irritant like and ingrown hair or new deoderant etc.  Keep area clean.  If broken, you can clean area with a little rubbing alcohol and apply polysporing or a petroleum jelly to prevent it from spreading.  If condition persists, consult your physician

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