What Doctor To See For Thigh Pain?


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Type of specialist?
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After I eat  I get this trouble stiffness and pain in my thigh and I cannot walk well.
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If I am in your shoe, I will go to an internist first and I will ask him to refer me to the right doctor.

The internist could give a diagnose on your thigh, and depends on his diagnosis will be his decision.

Sometimes, it is just luckof stretching and exercise on your part.
Try to do a bending body stretching very very very slowly and only until you can take and count till 10 doing a set of 4 once a day everyday. After 2 weeks add another type of stretching like - sit down on the floor with your legs spread wide, then bend your body so you can reach your toe - do this very very very slowly and alternately, Try to walk for straight 30 minutes everyday and then increase the time after a week or until it doesn't bother you anymore, then walk regularly after that. Stay away from too much acidic, greasy, sweet and starchy food including soda and coffee.
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Thank You very much. I do swim a lot but maybe that is not enough. I will try some other exercise. Most importantly I will notify my doctor again as I have done, but this time I will push it and even notify another doctor. Thanks again.

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