I Have An Oily, Sensitive Face. What Can I Do To Make It Better?


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Having oily skin can be very frustrating at times, but there are a number of things you can do to decrease the amount of oil. The best solution is to try washing your face with an antiseptic cleanser at least twice a day. Some people may even choose to wash their face three times per day, but you should avoid this if you find that your skin begins to dry out too much, or if it scales.

Another good, natural idea is to steam your face each week using water mixed with chamomile, or any number of other herbs. Additionally, you should also try to avoid over-exposing your skin to the sun. While many people believe that sun-tanning can help people with oily skin and acne, in many cases over-exposure will cause the skin to produce more oil, thus aggravating skin problems.

Making changes to your diet can also help improve oily skin. Try to avoid eating spicy and fatty foods and be sure to drink plenty of water.
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I am 39 years old and have very sensitive skin, and because of that I had been using fragrance-free and chemical free products. I always thought I looked pretty young until I saw a picture of myself at 29. Oh my god! After doing some research I decided to try the Made from Earth skin care line - based upon the favorable reviews - low cost and the fact that they are chemical and fragrance free. (Perfumed lotions make me sneeze and irritate my skin).

I tried the Rosehip & Hibiscus face serum from Made from Earth.  After one use, I noticed a few things. My skin tingled after appliying the serum just mildly and it felt like the vitamins I the serum where penerating my skin and getting in deep. The second thing I noticed is that my skin almost immediately looked better! I applied it the next morning again and noticed the same things. I decided to try it every other day and have to say I REALLY notice a difference! My skin looks almost as good as my pic from ten years ago.

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