What Causes Red Cheeks?


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Red cheeks may appear on different occasions, it could be after exercise, when angry, stressed or embarrassed. This is usually as a result of dilation of the blood vessels on your face that trigger stress hormones like norephinephrine and epinephrine.

The red cheeks could also be as a result of fever. The fever will trigger the epinephrine hormones on your face as your body tries to dispense heat by expanding the blood vessels near the surface of the skin causing the redness.

Some women will experience red cheeks at menopause though for a short duration of time. It is caused by the so called "heat waves” that come randomly. Other factors that could lead to this include eating of spicy foods, alcohol consumption and some medications such as those used to prevent blood pressure and niacin can cause the red cheeks.

Medically, there are two main conditions that can cause red check. Rosacea, which is a rare skin condition that is caused by excessive dilation of blood vessels as a result of exercise, consumption of particular foods that contain MSG and exposure to UV rays causing the skin to have a burning effect is one of the main attributes to this condition. In such cases the patient will have facial flushing and bumps similar to those of acne will develop. The condition can be controlled though medication, the redness can last for several consecutive days.

The other condition that may lead to red cheeks is autoimmune disease or SLE (systemic lupus erythematosis). A rash may develop around the nose and slowly make its way to the cheeks causing redness of the cheek giving an overall look of red cheeks. This condition, though not synonymous with the condition, may be distinguished from other causes for the patient will usually start experiencing swollen lymph, develop fevers or even experience fatigue. In such cases, blood tests will be used for diagnostic purposes.

What you must note is that, any time you experience red cheeks that do not seem to go away, chances it’s being caused by rosacea. But before drawing definitive conclusions, it is important to consult your doctor for professional advice.
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Red cheeks are usually formed if you have a fair skin and get exposed to the heat. It can also mean you are eating your green vegetables the right way because spinach helps in giving the red colour to the cheeks. But, it can also mean that you have rash on your cheeks which may spread all over your body. Allergies are the main cause of cheeks or any other part of the body turning red. You may also be affected by an infection such as chicken pox, measles, scabs, mumps, hives, eczema and other various diseases. It is very important to visit your physician in this matter. The physician shall give you proper treatment and medicine. It is very important to act fast in these situations as the problem may get worse.
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Eshmaal Fatin , Rosacea, answered

There may be many different causes of red cheeks but one of them which is more common is rosacea. In this condition cheeks are super red and need rosacea treatment for flawless skin.

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