What Causes Red,flushed Cheeks?


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Red flushed cheeks can occur for many reasons. The reason for the appearance of flushes and red cheeks is that when the capillaries under the skin dilate and fill with more blood than they usually would, the redness will be a stronger color and show through your skin.

Heightened blood flow is the main reason for dilated capillaries, this is when your heart rate is faster and blood is pumped around your body quicker than usual. Some of the main reasons for increased blood flow are;
  • partaking in exercise
  • embarrassment
  • stress
  • panic
  • shock
Having red and flushed cheeks for these reasons, even if it is more frequent than usual is nothing to worry about and could be a sign that your skin is less tanned or you are wearing less make up, it may not actually be happening more frequently as you may think.

There are a few medical issues that can result in red and flushed cheeks. Eczema is one of these issues and can be treated by creams prescribed by your doctor. It is not contagious and will not leave any lasting damage.

Another skin condition that this could be is rosacea. Rosacea is where bumps and redness appear on the skin and usually appears as a reaction. This can easily be treated by creams and medication prescribed by your doctor.

Other more serious illnesses have side effects that include redness in the cheeks. These are;
  • Lupus
  • MS
  • Diabetes
These will always have other side effects and if you feel that the red, flushed cheeks are just a part of something that is changing or you have other effects going on at the same time, you should definitely consult your doctor at the soonest opportunity.
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Rosacea, embarassment, nervouse, over thinking, high blood pressure, fever, there's multiple reasons. Chew on ice and put a cold towel on the red spots if trying to get rid of it :)
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Fever, rosacea, or when embarrassed the tiny capillaries below the surface fill up with blood
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My face gets red, up and down, rather than outward towards my ears. I would like to know why, as I don't have any illness that I'm aware of. Thanks.

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