What Would Cause Numbness And Swelling From The Cheek To The Eye?


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What can cause numbness and swelling in the cheek to the eye is TMJ dysfunction, usually caused by teeth grinding in one's sleep. Grinding one's teeth while sleeping can cause deep pain the the masseter muscles and trigger points in the muscles of the jaw, cheeks and upper neck. It can cause twitching and numbness in the eye area where teeth grinding is most aggressive. A dentist who specializes in TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction, can diagnose this quickly and give you a fitted mouthguard.

Another cause may be a cyst on the lacrimal glands of the eye. This can cause referred pain (travelling pain) to the cheek as the facial nerves would be irritated.
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It could be shingles or mastoiditis. Shingles usually attack a nerve route and you have craniofacial nerves running down the cheek. She may need to see the doctor for accurate diagnosis.

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