What Causes Nose Bleed?


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It could also be the it's to dry in your house and a simple vaporizer with vicks in it left on all night when you are sleeping could stop those annoying nose bleeds.
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Nose bleeds are sometimes caused from the air being too hot......if its very hot in your bedroom at night you can possibly wake up with a nose bleed....and of course your nose will bleed if someone or something has struck it, allergies are also a result in nose bleeds another minor cause in blood from your nose is picking it....quit picking your nose, your fingers are to high and they are drying up all moisture that keeps your nose cool which leads back to heat.My advice for treating a nose bleed is to hold your head back with your nose stuck high up in the air with a cold wet rag or towel, this can save blood rather than help you lose it
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There are many reasons as to why you can get nose bleeds. Some of the causes are nasal infection, sinus, cold, allergies, broken nose and hypertension. Some of the other causes include a hit to the nose can cause the nose to bleed as nose is a sensitive part of the body. Excessive use of cocaine or climbing great heights such as snow clad mountains where the air is thin can cause nosebleeds. There is nothing serious about nosebleeds, but you immediately need medical help because you can also feel nauseous. Some of the medicines also cause the nose to bleed such as nasal sprays.
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Sometimes when something gets at the back of your nose you sneeze or nose bleed

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