What Is The Reason For Repeatedly Having Nosebleeds And Fainting?


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Fainting is also called syncope, or Lightheadedness. It can be due to drop of blood flow in brain. Reasons of this conditions are sudden drop in blood pressure, dehydration, low blood sugar, heart diseases and use of alcohol.  
Most common cause of nose bleed is dryness due to indoor heat in winter. Another reason is nose picking. Other reasons are colds, allergies, infections, blood clotting disorders and injuries. Nosebleed can also cause fainting.
In my opinion, you should visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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I had a panic attack 4 days ago. About 7 days ago I started getting nose bleeds. Since my panic attack I have averaged about 2 hours' sleep a night - I am so so tired but cannot sleep. Any ideas?
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I would have to agree with 'Anonymous'... You should definitely seek medical diagnosis, as the combined symptoms (especially if there are other symptoms, such as slow to heal from cuts) that may imply a possible anemia condition, or other possibly serious blood thinning condition...

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