What Are The Causes Of Nosebleeds? Is It Really A Dangerous Disease?


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This is not a kind of disease in many of the cases. If one gets a nosebleed once in a spell then this is not a matter of danger or serious problem because this is normal and it is not a kind of disease. But if one is getting frequent and heavy nosebleeds then one should take proper steps to know the reason of this. Sometimes it happens that dry nose becomes a reason of nosebleeds and this is not a big deal to handle. This is easy to cure and this is not a sign of any disease. Nose picking is another reason of the situation that is under consideration and these things are mostly common in kids. Ratio of such problems in elders is lesser then the ratio in kids.

If one is getting frequent nosebleeds then it must not be ignored and one should see doctor as soon as possible because this situation can lead one to some serious disease or problem. Sometimes regular nosebleeds work as a sign of leukemia or meek hemophilia and this is why the doctor should be consulted at very first place. If you ignore the nosebleeds then this is possible that you may suffer from some serious disease.
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Nosebleeds are actually quite common in countries that have forced air heating, because having this type of heating dries out the air causing the nasal passages to dry out. This will sometimes cause your nose to bleed. The doctors in America recommended using a humidifier in the winter months in your bedroom at night if you have forced air heating. I used to have bad nosebleeds and the doctor found that there was a blood vessel that was close to the surface in my nose. He said that this was quite a common problem and was easily treated with cauterizing the blood vessel so that it didn't bleed any more.
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Ny father has very bad nose bleeds they have been cauterized twice maybe three times but it keeps happening . He went to nose specialist and they can not seem to find the problem are we missing something they are so bad that he may bleed out. He had one this weekend and when a regular doctor saw it he did not want to touch it,,, please help.

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