My St Bernard Is Peeing Frequently In Small Amounts, Could She Have A Bladder Infection?


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I have a st.bernard 6 months she has just gotten out of her weak bladder stage they have as pups and then today she is not peeing as usual,she is not marking her scent as there is no reason to and has never done so before she just cannot stop going to the toilet all day and does not even ask to go out when I put her out she is there for ages squatting with dribbles or nothing atal coming out,I think she def has a kidney infection and am bringing her to the vet tomorrow.
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Dogs are not usually prone to bladder infections. More than likely she is marking her territory. Is there other dogs around?
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Thanx, I thought that...she is only 6 months, and her friend Kiva is over 3-4 times a week. , but she is doing it in the house as well...

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