Are Bladder Infections Supposed To Make Your Stomach Hurt REALLY Bad? Im In So Much Pain. Doctor Said I Just Have A Bladder Infection.


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UTI (bladder infections) can be rather painful painkillers and plenty of water or cranberry juice is good to flush the infection out of your system can take a day or two though.
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I don't know if they are supposed to . But I have had frequent infections since I was a child. We are talking like twice a month my whole childhood. The pain was comparable to labor . I have 3 children , all natural , no drugs. So I know what that feels like . And I can honestly say that when I get a bladder infection it is similar. No one I know understands . They almost act as though I'm embellishing or making it up. Which sort of infuriates me . And makes me feel as though no one gets it . But they are in fact bladder infections . Not sure this helps but at least you know you are not alone .

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