What Is Typhus?


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The word typhus is defined as a rickettsial disease. It is transmitted by lice in the human body. It is characterised by rashes on the skin and high fever. Typhus is basically the name which is given to several diseases which are caused by bacteria which are known as the Rickettsiae bacteria.

The word typhus is derived from the Greek word typhos. The Greek word typhos can literally be translated into the English language as smoky or hazy. It describes the state of mind of those people who are affected with the ailment which is known as typhus.

There are some symptoms which are common to all the forms of the disease which is known as typhus. These symptoms of typhus include a fever wherein the body temperature of a typhus patient may reach upto a maximum of approximately 39 degrees Centigrade (which is approximately 102 degrees Fahrenheit) and a headache.

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