How Do You Contract A Staph Infection?


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A staph infection is relatively easy to contract, unfortunately. This is due to staph normally being present on a person's skin and in their mucus. Normally this does not have any great affect on the person carrying it and no real illness is felt from the person.

However, when some other conditions are present then contracting a staph infection can cause serious illness. It has even caused death in a few rare cases. Staph infections can also cause severe food poisoning and toxic shock syndrome.

Due to the fact staph is present on a person's skin, it is easily passed on through physical contact, or even when people touch the same objects or surfaces. Therefore the best precautions you can take to try and avoid contracting a staph infection would be to regularly wash your hands after any contact with another person or if they have been in a public area. Door handles and rails on stairs are breeding grounds for a lot of bacteria due to so many people touching the area. Therefore washing hands after touching such a surface can be very beneficial to the fight of avoiding infection.

If you are worried you may have contracted the staph infection then it is crucial to go to the doctors immediately. They will be able to check you over and tell you if it is indeed the case that you have a staph infection. The earlier anything is detected the quicker the recovery can be. It will also help put your mind at rest and avoid a lot of undue stress worrying what you may have caught.
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Staph infection is caused by a spherical bacterium known as the Staphylocaccus aureus. The infection known as the Staph Infection is highly contagious. It is especially easy for people who have a weakened immune system to contract the same. People with weakened immune systems include those suffering from HIV, those recovering from some other disease, drug use, poor diet etc. The bacterium that causes this infection thrives in moist environments. It can be contracted by following un-hygienic living conditions. Open wounds, cuts and sores are also susceptible to the virus. One of the most common places where the infection can be contracted is in the shower rooms of public swimming pools. It is advised never to roam barefoot in these bathrooms when one has some wounds on one's feet as the chances of infection are very likely.
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Yes. Anywhere there is a lot of dirt, there could be the possibility of a staph infection. If the child had open wounds and was not cleaned and cared for and came into contact with the dirt, then he could have contracted the staph infection. Staph infections can also come from animals who are infected.

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