How Is A Wicklow Caused?


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The correct spelling for what you are referring to is whitlow. A whitlow is an infection in the tip of the finger, sometimes in the nail, and is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It is also known as a herpetic whitlow, and can occur when broken skin on your finger comes into contact with body fluids infected with the herpes simplex virus, either from yourself or from someone else. People who suck their fingers or thumbs, or bite their nails are especially susceptible to getting whitlows, as there is more chance of spreading the virus and breaking the skin with excessive nail biting. The symptoms include swelling, itching, redness and pain on your finger, and for a small pus infection can be extremely painful, causing an intense throbbing pain. Other symptoms include blisters on your fingers, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, and red streaking on the hands and arms, although these symptoms are rarer and may indicate a more serious infection. Most cases of whitlows clear up themselves after approximately three to four weeks but if it is particularly painful (which can happen), see your GP who may prescribe painkillers and antibiotics to clear the infection. Treatment of a whitlow in more extreme and advanced cases also involves having it lanced with a needle and the pus squeezed out of the infected area, and this can be extremely painful for the patient. You can reduce your risk of getting a whitlow by avoiding sucking your thumb or fingers, washing hands regularly, avoid biting nails and general hand hygiene.
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A Whitlow (the correct spelling is WHITLOW) is a pus forming infection at the end of a finger usually caused by bacterial infection. Bacterial infection could be the result of injury which has allowed bacteria to enter the tissue under the fingernail.
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In the toes it can be serious, it's something you need to keep an eye on. Believe me, I spent three days in hospital with antibiotics dripping into me. If you get inflammation tracking up your leg you MUST go to the doctor's or hospital.
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To recover from a wicklow you hav to put your infected toe/finger in very hot salt water... Keep your foot in their for at least 30mins every day

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