When Does A Child Have Eyes That Are Dilated More Than Normal?


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It could mean lots of things. If she were my child I'd be quite concerned, though, especially if she has had any sort of knock to the head in the last few days. Concussion or brain bleeding can lead to pupils being dilated and behavioral chances. Untreated, these can result in permanent brain damage which is why it's worth getting checked out, especially when the afflected person is a very young child who can't accurately tell you how she is feeling.

Why not use a phone service (like NHS Direct) and see what expert medical opinions say?

Another possiblitity is that the child has been exposed to something she shouldn't have. Such as a food, drug or chemical, and that this has had a detrimental impact on her. Again, if the affect is persistant, medical advice should be sought right away.
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Having to deal with having a seizure and serve migraine headaches. Those are symptoms that are related to these things. I would immediately take her to her doctor and ask that he order a CAT scan, MRI, and a EEG. these test will rule out any brain damage.
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To ascertain the cause of dilation in your kid's eyes, please check your physician. Bear in mind that persons born having narrow drainage angles present in their eyes possibly will develop closed-angle glaucoma in case their pupils stay dilated(that is, wide open). Exactly how much your pupil is dilated as well as how long it remains dilated, resulting in closed-angle glaucoma will differ from individual to individual.

It could be resulting from medication your child is on. Always check with your kid's paediatric doctor.

There are causes where pupils stay dilated. For instance, eye examinations such as diabetic retinopathy screening may result in your pupils staying dilated.

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