How Can You Help The Swelling In My Eyes Go Down?


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You kan try cold wash clothes , cucumber slices , and cold spoons . You should apply the cold wash cloth to your eye for five minutes and off for 10 ( repeat for an hour ). Then you could also try the cucmber slices on your eye for about 10-15 mintues . If thus fails the last thing you can try is the frozen spoon ! I'll garuntee that one of these marvelous methods would certainly work .
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Generally when we sleep in the night, fluids at times accumulate around the eyes, giving a tired look. If you have had sudden severe swelling in the eye or the area near the eye, it is advisable you visit a doctor because this sudden swelling may be because of sinusitis or allergy.

You can also try other methods like; gently tap the region close to the swelling with your fingers so that the fluids can flow out. Try applying a cool, comforting material to your eyes for approximately five minutes; this will help reduce fluid retention. Try applying cucumber slices, refrigerated gel mask, frozen tea bags, or a damp or cold cloth. Try consuming a lot of water, because water retentions which results in swelling, takes place when the body has too much salt and not adequate amount of fluids to flush the salts out.

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