What Happens To Someone Who Commits Suicide?


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This is the question that all of us who have given suicide serious thought have asked ourselves. In fact it is often the reason we change our mind, isn't it? On one night I was perfectly ready to go...more than ready...way more than ready ..plan was made. Apparently this question and my belief in God poked at me hard enough that I made a telepone call to tell a friend goodbye. I told him that I was so ready for the perfect peace that I would find when all of this crap on earth was over. I needed peace so badly. Then he posed the question. ARE YOU CERTAIN that it will be more peaceful on the other side? Are you absolutely certain of where you will end up and that it will be peaceful????
WELL I can tell you that the thought of going through any more hell than I was going through right here on this planet scared the beeejeeebies out of me. I thought hard and long all night because I could not sleep. I have never forgotten his words. So, my answer is that Truly, I do not know where we go if we commit suicide and I am more scared of that than I am of living.
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Strange question ?! Du you mean what happens to the body or the soul .? If you mean the body it gets buried or burned , if you mean the soul , when you go with the Bible the soul goes to hell . Hope that helped .
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So what happens when all you want is sleep, not to wake up to all the problems, just sleep, isn't that what death is ?
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They die
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Life is a precious gift from God. You would be an absolute fool to return it.
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The person dies
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Thanks for caring enough to answer her absolutely cold. Don't you suppose she was truly serious??? Don't you suppose that if that is all you have to say you could find it kinder of yourself to be perfectly invisible? Rudeness can often have deadly repercussions. Think about that next time you decide to be so rude and cold.

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