What Do Different Religions Have To Say On The Subject Of Suicide?


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I don't believe that God would ever punish a living soul because of mental impairment (such as depression) but if you are in your right mind and commit suicide, it is the same as killing any human being, and it is wrong.

God is loving and full of compassion. I do not know about the mysteries of the afterlife. I suppose that there are things that most of us cannot know about in this life, but still I think that we should hold onto life, no matter how much pain we are in. 
You never know what the future may bring.
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This question has elicited many good answers. I agree with most of them.

 No human can judge or determine another person's destination. My son's best friend committed suicide. He was given a Christian Burial, as the Church he belongs to {L.D.S.} recognizes that depressive disorders affect the mind, and therefore committing suicide whilst mentally ill means that they are considered the victim of an illness. 
I believe that God knows the heart of each person, and knows the intentions of each of us. If a person is in such pain that they can not think clearly, and ends their life, I don't believe that God would hold that against them.
Most people have no idea how powerful and deadly depression is. Usually the depressed person actually believes he is doing a good thing because he/she views themselves as being the cause of everything bad. They think that they are 'doing the world a favor'. I know this from personal experience.
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Pencil you just gave a 7-star response. I really really want to give you trillions and trillions of WOW for that answer. You gave my most favorite answer and that was what in my heart was. Thank you. Thank you so much for this answer. And please tell those people in church, who believed that depression is illness and that suiciding because of it is worth forgiving, that they have earned a big Fan here.
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I agree with you Pencil; however, I don't have scripture to back me up. I do believe God's grace covers this. Peac
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I always have believed that suicide is self murder. However, I have been in a spot where I was not thinking straight and the pain was so great that all I could think about was getting out of the pain and attempted suicide. I was very remorseful afterward when I saw how my husband and kids reacted. I hurt them deeply. I never want to do this again. They believe I would have gone to hell. I don't know if God judges a person who isn't in their right mind that harshly, I'm not God. So I went through a period of self mutilation to take away the pain. This too made me feel guilty. I finally got help to stop. Only God can answer this question. Only God will judge us. Peace
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I agree with Bickle.  If you have been "saved" before you would commit suicide, you will go to heaven.  In most cases when someone commits suicide, they are not in their right minds and God knows their hearts. An evil person who does not know the Lord and commits suicide to spite God; I believe that person would be sentenced to eternal damnation.  Since God is the only one who can judge each person, He should be the one to answer this question.
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Catholic Religion

For Catholics, suicide is self-murder, which is a mortal sin. However, going to Hell is determined by whether the self-murderer has made reconciliation with God first. Evangelicals might call this "being saved". If a person has rejected God, and selfishly committed suicide, then Hell awaits.

However, only God knows if this rejection was in situ at the actual time of death.
In other words, suicide is morally wrong because it's murder, but the punishment is not for us mortals to know or decide.
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My religion considers suicide one of the worst sins one can commit. Killing someone else would be the worst.  

I first knew the pain of depression when I became disabled, and realized my life would never be the same again. I sought help, and I hope this person is, too. 
If this person is doing nothing to seek the help he/she needs, I would absolutely encourage them to do so. They probably need hospitalization. 
God is merciful, and he's all-forgiving, so forgiveness is my answer.  I believe God would want this person to seek out all the help they could in trying to make the situation better. 
Suicide is a very selfish act - the person may be in pain, but they would left much more pain and sadness behind them. I'm just fortunate that I never got to the point of wanting to take my own life. 
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Christianity and Suicide
I believe in deep despair, and I understand that when such thoughts come, a person might try to rationalise suicide (maybe thinking that his/her loved-ones would be better off without them, or that they just want the pain to stop).

That, God would understand. But by believing in God, you also believe in the devil. I believe it is the devil that puts these thoughts in our minds when we are at our weakest, and when we are at our weakest is also when we need to turn to God the most.
Personal Experiences
I too tried to commit suicide, I thought I was a burden to everyone...I was told later how selfish I was, that the family I would've left behind would be the ones who would suffer the most. 
I gave my burdens to God, and try to be the best person I can. I have been able to let go of the hatred and the pain. I'm not saying I don't feel depression - I live with it constantly - but I know I can turn to my friends now instead of pushing them away, and I can turn to God.  I believe only God has the right to take someone's life.
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I could not really add anything to Peace's excellent answer.  Only God himself is the judge, and we as human beings cannot pronounce a verdict on how he will judge any one individual and most certainly are not equipped or authorised to make definitive judgements on whole categories of people who share similar circumstances.

Nevertheless, this is a question that is often asked.  One reason is that, the human condition being what it is, most people who live any length of time go through periods of intense difficulty, grief and even despair, some more than others.  The other reason, I believe, that people pose this question is that, in their hearts, deep down, they do believe that God condemns suicide.  If they did not, neither question nor answer would be an issue.

The only clear guidance, though somewhat indirect, that I find in Scripture is the story of Job.  Job after a series of great tragedies in his life falls very ill and is in despair.  He not only wishes to die, he wishes he had never been born!  His wife comes to him and advises him:  "Curse God and die!"  To which he replies: "Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?"  To me the inference of that "Curse God and die!" phrase is the acknowledgement that, as each human life comes from God, to take one's own life is the final and most extreme act of rebellion one can perform against God.  How God deals with that is between him and the individual who commits suicide, but most people do not expect to escape judgement if they curse God to his face!

The supreme tragedy of such a course of action is that, very often, the feelings of despair and grief are God knocking on the door of a person's heart asking to be let into his/her life, so that he can lead him/her out into the light of joy again.  The poet Francis Thompson beautifully expresses this in his poem, "The Hound of Heaven" of which I add Part of the final stanza:

All which I took from thee I did but take,
Not for thy harms,
But just that thou might'st seek it in My arms.
All which thy child's mistake
Fancies as lost, I have stored for thee at home :
Rise, clasp My hand, and come !"
  Halts by me that footfall :
  Is my gloom, after all,
Shade of His hand, outstretched caressingly ?
"Ah, fondest, blindest, weakest,
  I am He Whom thou seekest !
Thou dravest love from thee, who dravest me."
This is well worth reading and I attach a web address where it can be read in full:


Please read this.  I have never come across anything that explains it better.

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I try to keep in mind that the Bible does not contain all the scriptures written, so it's not possible to answer this with complete certainty. 

I would imagine the paths of action that a person took prior to the illness is a factor in whether God would punish someone for killing themselves.
I try to remember that our thoughts are not hidden from God, as he can look deep into the soul.
 With all the strange things I have read in the Bible, I cannot say what part God was in the body of someone mentally unstable.
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The Islamic Stance on Suicide
I am not Allah, so I cannot say what the final judgement would be, but in Islam suicide is NOT allowed.

 If someone you know is thinking about suicide seek help ASAP - there are meds to help that person feel better and get back to normal. 
Suicide is never the answer to anyone's problems - think about the people and family that will miss that person when they are gone. In Islam suicide is NOT allowed. 
Life always has its good times and bad times - pray for ALLAH to help you or your friend and get them help ASAP!
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A highly depressed person usually becomes burden not only on himself/herself but also on his/her family & sometimes OR most of the times that feeling(from other thousands of depressing feelings) is sufficient enough to suicide.
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My Experiences With Catholicism and Suicidal Thoughts
Once,  I was so sick that for six days I was on suicide watch.

I was told that I was unresponsive and blank...almost as if I had already gone. I did not speak the entire time. 

One day, a nun from this Catholic hospital asked if she could talk to me. I nodded yes. When she asked about me all I could do was cry and say that I just wanted permission. She asked for what. I said I had been praying every day for God to take me home or give me a sign of permission. I don't even remember how I got that bad. I am bipolar. 

She said to me: "The Church would not like to hear me tell you this dear, but God loves you. I believe that if you are in so much pain that you can not endure life, and you end your life, that He will love you no less than He does right now. He is a forgiving and loving Father."

 I cried and cried and found no more words. She walked me back to my bed and I never saw her again. I trust her words. I have since found strength and I am still here. I have tried suicide since then at another time, when I do not remember even doing it, but even with a temperature of 109 I am still here. I guess it's not my time just yet.

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I had been part of that situation. I can understand how painful that is. I still face that worse situation and to help myself I simply get outside in park or cinema., Although that never helps completely but I try a lot, not always successful. It is so worst situation. I can't understand why GOD makes us live in this situation.
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People claim that a person who commits suicide goes to hell, which, in its enterity, is false.  I confided in a priest (I'm Roman Catholic) about my suicidal thoughts and he explained things to me.  He explained that if you are suffering from a mental illness, there is really nothing you can do to control it, because you are suffering and its hard to control your thoughts, so you won't go to hell.  It's when people do it for selfish reasons, I think, or depending on the type of person you are.  In my opinion, people don't go to hell for committing suicide.  It depends on the type of person you are and what you have done in your life, not the method in which you have died.  My religion teacher explained this to me also.

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Islam on Suicide
Islam prohibits taking one's own life or the life of another unless it is an accident.

It's important to know that Atheists have the highest rate of suicide.
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Exceptions are everywhere. Even in some cases Muslims are allowed to eat Pork(If cause of hunger they are in death bed). Then why not suicide was allowed here when the person was completely mentally ruined.
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I don't think the fact that atheists have the highest rate of suicide really means anything at all - it's probably because they don't fear the repercussions of killing themselves. It doesn't mean people of faith are necessarily any happier.

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