Why Do My Fingers Swell At Night And I Can't Bend Them?


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This type of finger swelling can be caused by a number of things including venous insufficiency, cellulitis, infection, blunt trauma or swelling due to too much salt and lymph nodes being blocked (known as Lymphedema).

This term is also known as lymphatic obstruction which is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling that occurs as result of a cooperated lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system returns the particular fluid to the thoracic duct and then to the bloodstream accordingly, where it is re-pumped around the body via the tissue system.

A number of causes for this issue include the removal or enlargement of the lymph nodes,  parasitic infections, radiation therapy as well as skin conditions, including cellulitis.

Symptoms of this disease include persistent (chronic) swelling, usually around the arm or leg initially but if you are worried there is fluid on the fingers then you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. He may want you to undergo a CT or MRI scan, a Lymphangiography or Lymphoscintigraphy and treat you with compression which involves layers of coarse bandages or even Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

Manual lymph drainage enables the lymph fluid to properly drain through the correct channels by lightly massaging the skin in different ways depending on the structure of the lymphatic system..

You may also need to use a pneumatic compression pump on and off, similarly wearing compression stockings on the affected area may be of benefit to you..

Surgery is used as a last resort in some cases, but there is no guarantee it will be a success. After recovery you will still have to undergo a series of physical therapy sessions in order to reduce lymphedema.
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Every night my finger swell at night come morning I can't get my rings off and buy mid morning there not swollen  whats going on
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The swelling is due to the amount of water your body retains at night so you don't have to  wake up and consume water at a regular basis. If you want to reduce the level of swelling, try cutting down the amount of salt in your diet. The decrease in salt intake should decrease your body's overall water retention level, but you will probably still notice some swelling at night.

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