Why Do My Feet Hurt Excessively? They Throb And Swell So That I Can't Walk Properly.


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There are loads of things that could be causing your feet to hurt. Your feet bear the weight of your entire body, and the impact that this has on your muscles, bones and ligaments can be pretty significant!

In order to determine what's causing you pain, you might want to consider the following things:

  • When the pain started
  • What causes the pain to get worse
  • What helps relieve the pain
Foot Pain And Obesity
Obesity is a common cause of foot pain. This is because the extra weight puts more pressure on your feet, and this in turn can cause damage to the muscles and ligaments that you use to walk.

The swelling and throbbing could be because your muscles are constantly trying to repair the damage.

Foot Pain Caused By Poor Footwear
Comfortable footwear is very important. If you wear shoes that don't support your feet properly, you could be causing yourself permanent damage.

High heels, shoes that don't fit properly and shoes that don't have any cushioning in the sole can make your feet hurt a lot. Regardless of whether bad footwear caused the problem in the first place, good footwear might help to alleviate it.

Foot Pain And Medication

Some medication can affect your blood pressure and cause swelling - and not just in your feet. However, you'll probably feel it more in your feet than anywhere else, as they're put under more pressure than the rest of your body.
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Women often complain of hurting feet after having a baby. This pain can be a result of the weakness caused by the pregnancy or your blood pressure. I suggest you consult this problem with a doctor and get a treatment before it turns from bad to worse.
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You might have restless leg syndrome.

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