Can You Tell Me What Makes People Allergic To Cats And Why Not Dogs. What Is The Problem?


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It is not cat fur to which most people are allergic, it is their dander.
Dander is a mixture of a cat's hair, saliva, and minute particles of skin. A cat owner's home will be covered in an invisible layer of dander, deposited by the finicky creature's constant self-grooming.
Allergy to cats affects more children than adullts. Children may grow out of their reaction so some allergists suggest desperate parents try turning the offending animal over to a relative or friend for three months.
To rid a house of dander, you must have it professionally cleaned, including shampooing all upholstered furniture and the carpets and washing all bed linens. But, as the old song says, "The cat [dander] came back the very next day ..."
Some brave souls actually bathe their cats regularly in order to control dander.
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Haha... WOW.. People never cease to amaze me, always so rude. Cants don't have fleas unless you neglect them, same with dogs.

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