Can A Cat's Hair Cause Wheezing Or Asthma?


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No...cats hair cannot cause wheezing or asthma - the dander does. Try being away from your cat for a few days and see what happens, if your symptoms decrease or go away you are allergic to your cat. You may be able to get meds from your doctor but you really should get rid of your cat. I have asthma myself but I am not allergic to my cat. I know how it feels when you can't breathe...good luck and all the best!!!
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Yes to your question john! The dander on the cat hair is what causes the allergic reaction in humans, typically wheezing, sneezing and watery itchy eyes. The symptoms may last up to 48 hrs of the initial contact with the feline. Allergy medication will help speed the process!
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Cat hair can cause asthma in people and this lead to wheezing. 
Feline asthma is not typically caused by cat hair.  It is due to inflammation/irritation of a cat's lower respiratory tract often resulting in wheezing and in severe cases difficultly breathing.  Common triggers include smoking, aerosol products, and dust.  If you are concerned your cat has asthma have it examined by a veterinarian.

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Yes. I am having the problem, and I am having cats at home. I am having severe wheeze n cough, my dr asked me 2 avoid them, but I love them, so can't avoid them. Best way is to keep your house n furniture free of dust n cat hair. Don't let them in your bedroom. Don't do it on your own. Keep the windows open n let the fresh air in after cleaning the house. Using antiseptic soap, gargling with hot water etc will help if cats r in home.
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Yes if you are allergic or have asthma. At the very least it can cause irritation to the nose.
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Yes it can and a dog and a bird and a hairy blanket if the pollen count is high it would set the chest off and if anyone is smoking around you it doesnt help
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It's not so much the hair as the dander from the cats skin. Yeah it induces my asthma, for some people allergy pills can make it better. Not me.
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Yes it can my daughter is alergic to cats hair the doc said it is the dander in their fur. You can either take over thew counter meds ,keep your house clean ,keep up as much of the cats hair you can, or your going to have to get rid of the cat  if you have one.
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Yes it can,ive been asthmatic since I was 2,I'm 30 now,animal hair has always set my asthma off,sometimes quite badly to the point where ive had an everyone has pets it can be hard to avoid completely,hoovering any pet hair and keeping house clean helps eliminate setting off asthma symptoms an ive also found if the situation of hoovering in a cat zone is completely unaviodable takin an anti histamine tablet does help calm the symptoms.
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Yes they can and there hair is even worse then dog hair, so if you are suffering from Asthma and Hay fever then stay away because it will get worse with cat hair.
If you didn't know that you were suffering from Asthma or Hay fever and you have the symptoms of wheezing and watery eyes then stay away

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