Are you allergic to any people? Since you can not say any names, just describe them to me.


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At one time I was dating a woman whom I was allergic to the medications she was on. If I kissed her or etc. Her meds would make my tongue swell and the taste buds on the bottom of my tongue looked like a bunch of little white worms and very painful. It also made it hard to talk. My doctor gave me some medications that countered her meds. It caused us not to date anymore as her condition was chronic and she had to always take her meds. She was a great woman and a wonderful cook. She could have easily been the one!
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Maxine Chan
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That is bad love right there LOL.. I feel sorry for you.
Dickie Allen
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This happened in the mid 1990s but she was great in all ways. I think we had a future. I think the main med she used that caused problems was an inhaler type med. She had bad lungs.
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I am allergic to people that cant fight there own battles, without trying to turn every one on there side, and running others down behind there back, I think those kind of people are the scum of the Earth. They are scared of there own shaddow. I hope there ain't any speeelin mistakes ear.
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I am allergic to my ex-husband - seriously. When I'm within 3 feet of him I jerk and twitch, my head hurts and I develope rashes and somtimes throw up and on top of that I suffer,temporarily, from Torrets Syndrome. It's awful - I've mentioned this to my dr. But she can't give me anything for it but she promised to check in to it for me.

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