How Long Does It Take For A Ringworm To Go Away With Treatment?


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I don't daughter had ringworm all over her body.....12 spots to be exact, after what seemed like forever, she was finally diagnosed right, and we got the meds that she needed.  She was put on an oral medication, which she had allergic reactions too, so they prescribed her a cream that cost us $150 with our insurance....however, she cleared up right away, BUT it has been 2 months, and you can still see the red patch on her cheek.  I'm hoping that it doesn't scar, but it seems to be taking forever to clear completely up.  Maybe I'm just a paranoid mother, but I don't want her having it the rest of her life.  I noticed that every other patch is cleared up and completely gone, so maybe the skin on the face is just more sensitive than the rest.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes away!!!!
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My sister had a huge one that was about an inch wide and an inch long, it was super red and she said it was ichy. It was on her cheeck where everyone can see it. But after going to the pharmasist and getting the right medication, it soon went away after about 2-3 weeks. But now ihave one on my cheeck but its not as big and isn't really ichy because I got the medicine. But for some reason it getting redish puplish and it looks like a buise.gah!!anyways hee are some tips on how to get id of it:
1) wash your fash twice a day and then put on the ringworm cream
2) if anything that touches it like a towel or clothes make sure to wash it because ringwoms are contagious!
3) if want you could put a bandage over it so it wont show and make up an excuse saying stuff like my dog scratched me but make sure to not put it on so tight because you want your ringworm to dry out! (I told everyone I wasnt watching where I was going and bumped into the wall, everyone believed me because it looks like a bruise)
4) ringworms come fom animals! Mostly mammals! So be sure to check your pets if you have any ringwoms may be treatable on pets

I hope these tips help!!!
Srry if it was to long!I'm still hoping my ringworm will go away!
Just remember if you have a ringworm your not alone!!
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I have a ringworm right now in I had it for like 4 days how do I make it go away please tell me.

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