What Causes Knee Swelling?


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Knee swelling has several sources. Causes include including arthritis as well as injury to the ligaments or meniscus. Another common cause includes fluid accumulation in the bursa. This condition is termed prepatellar bursitis. With a given history of an injury or any trauma, such swelling is commonly seen owing to blood within the joint. Osteoarthritis cases also observe knee swelling. Infection is a possible serious cause. Gout and pseudogout may be involved. Please contact your doctor immediately.

Treatment of knee swelling would be contingent on (obviously) the cause of the swelling. For instance, with knee arthritis, widespread treatment implies draining the fluid or possibly prescription of certain anti-inflammatory medications. In case of injury, ice application to your knee typically helps to stem swelling as well as hasten the healing process. In severe cases of either knee arthritis or injury, possibly surgery may be prescribed.
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The first thing to try with a sore knee is rest, elevation and anti-inflammatory drugs.

If you are on your feet all day, your knee is not getting a proper chance to heal itself. Sit down and prop your leg up, ideally getting the sore knee higher than waist level to help reduce swelling.

You should also take some over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Check with your local pharmacist who will be able to advise you. Always read the label carefully before taking any medicine to ensure you take the correct dosage and that there are no advisories regarding certain medical conditions etc.

Surgical supports for your knee, which are widely available, are more of a placebo than an aid to recovery.

If rest, elevation and anti-inflammatories don't do the trick, you should visit your doctor and have the knee checked out.
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Knee swollen, lump behind knee, very painful some days I can't hardly walk on that leg. When I wrap the knee in a wrap the fluid goes to the ankle.
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My knee snaps an pops. It is very painful at times ,maybe even a few days it won't hurt then it pops an it is pain. Also the heelbone by the ankel is swoolen

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