What could be causing my pain on inside of knee and above knee ?it throbbing pain .its also swelling .another thing i broke my femure bove my knee last year felt the same way before i stress fracture .


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That could be anything, you need to talk to your doctor.

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Since none of us are medical professionals and have no way to examine the problem, it would be ridiculous at best to expect us to diagnose it.

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MCL Injury - The most common cause of inside knee pain is an injury to the medialcollateral ligament (MCL). ... Other Causes of Inside Knee Pain - Weakness of the muscles around the knee or arthritis may also cause pain on the inside of the knee. Usually Osteoarthritis sets in when it comes to knee injuries.  I would recommend seeing a doctor that treats knee injuries like Sports Medicine doctors . Also knee brace could help with pain and keep everything in place.


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