What If I Have A Temperature Of 95.4 Is That Bad. I Have A Swollen Gland?


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First, try another thermometer.  If you get the same reading or something similar, and you also say you have a swollen gland, go to the doctor.  

For one, a temperature of 95.4 is close to the threshold that is considered hypothermia.  Also, what gland is it?  If it's in your neck, under where the adam's apple should be, it could be your thyroid gland which is swollen.  The swollen thyroid gland may mean your thyroid is not functioning properly, which is why your temperature is so low.
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Normal temperature of your body is 97 , if you have 99.9 and above you have a fever.
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No the temperature is not that bad normal temp. Is 98.2 but try asking your doc.

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