What Should I Do If I Have Trouble Putting In My Contact Lenses?


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If you are new to wearing contact lenses, you may find yourself spending up to an hour in front of the mirror desperately trying to put your lenses in your eyes. This is not unusual, as it does take some time and practice before you truly get used to putting your contacts in, and before the whole process becomes natural.

If you are having problems inserting your contacts, you first need to do a little "troubleshooting." Make sure that the finger you are using to insert you contact is entirely dry. If it is wet from the contact rinse fluid, the lens will stick to your finger and you will not be able to insert it. You should also check to ensure that your lenses are moist enough to stick to your eyes once they are inserted. After repeated, unsuccessful attempts at placing them, you should add some of the rinse liquid to your lenses.

When you insert your contact lenses do not press too hard on your eyes. Instead, gently place the lens on lower white part of your eye, while looking away, and wait to hear a faint "clicking" sound. This sound will indicate to you that the lens has stuck to your eye. At this point, try to blink and you will suddenly find yourself seeing better, as the lens adjusts and falls into place.

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