Is Short-sightedness Inherited?


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Short sightedness, also called Myopia is a condition where a person cannot see far away objects with the same clarity as they can see objects that are near to them. Due to elongation of the eyeball the image from a distant object forms in front of the retina resulting in blurry vision. This usually starts in childhood and stabilizes in the late teens or early twenties. Many researchers have worked in this area to find out if Myopia is hereditary and most of them agree that it is. An extensive study carried out at the college of College of Optometry in Columbus, Ohio says that the probability of myopia in the offspring depends on how many parents of the parents have the disease. If both parents are myopic, the chances of the child getting it is higher than is only one of the parents are myopic. Also if none of the parents are myopic then the chances of the child getting the disease are the minimal.
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Yes, short-sightedness is also inherited in many of the patients and it is because of elongated shape of the eyeball which causes light rays to focus before the retina and thus causes far objects to be seen as blurred objects...
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