What Causes Itchiness And Rashes Under The Armpit?


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Having a rash in your armpit is fairly common, so there's no reason to panic.

Below are a couple of reasons why you might be having problems with the skin under your arms, followed by a few treatments you might want to consider:

What could this armpit rash be?
The armpit is a dark, sweaty and often smelly place.
It is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microbes, which means it is often prone to rashes.

The skin under your arm is also constantly rubbing, and this friction and chafing can also cause irritation.

Because the armpit area can get sweaty and smelly, many of us often use anti-perspirant and deodorant products. Whilst these products might help with sweat and smell- they can dry out the skin and cause soreness and irritation.

How to deal with itchy underarms
Allergy is another common cause of underarm rashes, and this usually results in blistering or bubbles as well as a rash.

Blocked pores on the skin might also be the cause of armpit irritation, so excess heat might be an indirect cause.

To treat your rash, you'll first need to work out the source of the irritation. Your doctor might be the best person to help you do this.

To treat or soothe the symptoms, I'd recommend Calamine lotions, hydrocortisone cream, or antihistamine.
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It could be a heat rash.

Wash with a mild soap and water, and dry completely. Dust lightly with cornstarch. Do not use talcum powder as it will cake up and make the rash worse. Rest your arms on the back of the chair or sofa so air gets to your armpit.

This should help the rash clear up. If it doesn't, then you might need to see a doctor.
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Try a brand called Lavilin. It's all-natural, free of chemicals, and works very effectively! I no longer have itchy armpits - been using Lavilin for nearly a year now.

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There are at least 19 different reasons for itchy armpits – many of them are harmless, but some do require medical attention.

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