What Is Causing The Pain In My Armpit Under My Right Armpit?


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Pain under the armpit can be caused by many things. It could be muscular, an infection, glands or something more serious such as breast cancer. There are so many things that this could be that without a doctor examining the painful area and discussing what kind of pain this is and how frequent it is you will not get an answer that will be accurate.

Muscular problems that can cause this are anything from a pulled muscle, the kind you could get when playing tennis, or sleeping in a funny position that has pulled or strained the muscles under your arm or a muscle that is close to your underarm area.

You also have glands under your armpits that will swell and become tender when your body is fighting off illness or a virus. This is your body's defence system kicking in and is perfectly normal. When these glands swell, it is also more than likely that the glands in your neck will also swell as these are the same glands that are fighting off infection.

You could also have an infection in this area, it could be from a spot or cyst that is under the skin, maybe so deep that you cannot feel it but you will be able to feel its tenderness.

One thing to look out for in breast cancer is to check for lumps under the armpits. These are not said to be painful in most people but as all bodies are different and react in different ways, you should always see a doctor and get this possibility ruled out.

Do go and see a doctor as they will be able to use their experience and get to the bottom of the problem which will also be able to put your mind at rest so that you are not worried about this pain.
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It could be a problem with the sweat gland, seek medical attention.....the best to you

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