Itchiness Over Body But No Rash, Any Suggestion?


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Aisha answered
There can be many reasons for such itchiness such as:
- Allergies
- Dry Skin
- Infections
- Poisonous plants
- Insect bite
- Parasites
- Dandruff
The itching in parts like underarms is mostly due to unhygienic body parts. So I would suggest you to keep that area clean and dry.
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ray of light answered
Itching all over the body can be due to many reasons. Usually when whole body is involved the scabies is suspected. The problem become worst during night. Treatment includes anti scabies lotion at bed time and boiling of bed sheets and sleeping dress in hot water. The itching in under arm can be due to sweating in hairy areas leading to seborrhea which cause itch. Remove under arm hairs regularly and early in order to avoid seborrhea.

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