When My Daughter Was One Year Old She Started Getting Acne On Her Face. Even After Conducting Many Tests Like MRI, Hormone Tests, Etc, The Doctors Could Not Determine What Caused It. Can Anyone Tell Me What Could Have Been The Problem?


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My daughter had a similar problem and it moved on to her arms, legs, back and stomach area. Believe it or not, the cause was dry skin. After each bath, towel-dry your skin and then quickly apply baby lotion. This should work as it dif for her and my nephew. Good luck!
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Some doctors refer to this condition as "baby acne," and it can be very frustrating for new parents. Most often, "baby acne" will occur when the child is only a few weeks, or a couple of months old. It is less common for it to happen once she is more than one years old. Most of the pimples will be visible on the child's cheeks, but they may be present on the forehead as well. In some cases, detergents may cause this condition, but it can simply be due to an increase in the blood flow to the face, when the child is crying. The best thing one can do is to avoid using harsh detergents when washing your daughter's blankets and clothing. You should also resist the temptation to wash your child too much, as this excessive cleansing will not usually help clear up her skin.

In the US, approximately 20% of babies and infants develop acne in the first few months, so it is not uncommon.
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My daughter is a week from being a year old and she has acne below her nose, on her nose and forehead. I am a bit concerned and wonder if I am doing something to cause it or that the hormones involved in breast-feeding are the cause?

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