What Is A Lung Haemorrhage?


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The lungs are very vital, optional respiratory organs within the rib-cage of vertebrates. Its main and fundamental function is to carry the oxygen breathed in from the atmosphere, into the bloodstream. It reversely, helps to exhale the carbon dioxide from the bloodstream back into the atmosphere. The exchange of gases thus achieved is very essential to life and takes place in the mosaic like special cells within the lungs. The lungs are full of the millions of tiny and thin air sasc called alveoli that take care of the inhalation and exhalation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, respectively. Any damage or injury or related illness or disease may result in haemorrhage of the lungs, which could prove fatal to life.

Lung haemorrhage is the bleeding of the lungs, on the inside or outside, which if not arrested in time may lead to death. This condition may result on account of the term diseases that affect the lungs like asthma, influenza and tuberculosis. Fatal diseases like obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer can also result in the rupturing of the lungs and eventually death. It is very necessary to identify and treat breathing disorders as soon as possible. Lung haemorrhage is a serious condition and can be treated surgically or by monitored medication.

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