What's The Name Of The Liver Disease You Can Get When Someone Sniffs Too Much Cocaine?


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There's not a special name, it's just "liver disease".

And what that means is that the liver isn't functioning correctly. Typically because too many of its cells have been directly damaged, corrupted by toxins or replaced by fats.

Symptoms of liver disease.

One thing that cocaine abuse can do is promote fatty deposits in the liver, leading to a fatal disease called Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Cocaine is often cut with talcum powder. Snorting the cocaine-talcum mix means that talc gets into your blood stream; this is actively damaging to liver cells, too -- the liver's job is to filter fatty soluable toxins out of the blood.

Cocaine abuse can reduce the blood flow to the liver, leading to what's called ischemic damage. This is intra-cellular, and refers to the intra-cellular balance of chemicals that the liver requires and produces.

Cocaine can also disrupt levels of special enzymes in the liver. Getting an imbalance in the relevant enzymes can overload the liver, leading to long-term damage.

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