My Urine Is Very Dark Yellow Almost Orange In Color. I Have Had Some Sharp Stomach Cramping. Should I Be Concerned?


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If the urine is a different color and you have not knowingly taken any foodstuffs, such as oranges or its juice, which may turn it a different shade, consult a physician, especially if the stomach pains accompany it. There may be other symptoms which one can link with a possible illness. Equally, if you have been sexually active then it could well be an infection transmitted through intercourse. has this as advice: "Orange vaginal discharge may be the sign of infections; treatment may be testing the cervix with removal of symptoms by cryosurgery. The amounts of the secretions are different during the cycle and are greater on intercourse, stress, exercise, and during pregnancy (as oestrogen level increases in the body). Excessive secretions of unusual color by a painful condition are the signs of internal troubles." If an inner organ such as the stomach is hurting, then some system in the body may be askew. Various online resources list common complaints about abdominal pains and discoloration of urine, but the best way to dilute the urine is to drink several liters of water and the body will regulate its fluid content so that the urine will return to its original translucence.
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Yes you should .. It is nit normal in my opinion for urine to be dark in may be a sign that there are bleeding in your  other forms of disorders in your system ...... Check your doc as soon as possible
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You could just be dehydrated. That will cause Dark yellow/orange colored urine. So maybe you just need some more fluids. Just a  thought!
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Yes you should be because you should be drinking lots of water

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