I Sometimes Have A Sore Throat. Is A Sore Throat A Symptom Of HIV?


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Not that I've ever heard. You either have an allergy or the beginning of a cold.
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First of all, a sore throat is not a sign of HIV. Also it takes years for the first signs of HIV to appear. Your sore throat could be a sign of a virus or it could just be the weather. If your really that worried about catching HIV then go have yourself tested by your doctor.
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I have a sore throat now its been like this for almost a week. But it doesn't mean anything just yet. It could be because the weather changes from hot to cold. Maybe its just a cold.    If you have a sore throat and it hurts forever don't be stupid go see a DOCTOR. Bye
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No! Get tested
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Well if you got into a fight and you don't know if its yours or theres then I should check a doctor
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You are probably right about the hospital contacting you if you were HIV positive. It would be best if you actually called to find out if you are positive for the HIV virus or not.

In short: HIV means that you have been exposed to the virus which can lead to AIDS. A sore throat is NOT a symptom of HIV. What happens with HIV is that your body will have a harder time getting rid of the sore throat as it is an immunodeficiency virus.

Please go to the library or wherever you can to read up about HIV. The more educated and prepared you are about this virus the less frightened you will be about it.
Remember "Knowledge is power". Ignoring the problem doesn't help.

Good luck to you.

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