How Do You Make A Sore Throat Go Away?


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Believe or not, a bit of honey helps soothes a sore throat.  Tea and Honey yum
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1. Take recomended medicine.
2. Suck on coughdrops
3. Spray your thoat w/ numbing spray.
4. Drink cold beverages
5. Sit in a steamy bath or shower.
6. Eat soft liquid foods, especially sherbets and chicken broth.
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Take a warm bath or shower
take 2 teaspoons of vinegar ( might give you gas but will help)
take a cup and put half crush ice in it. Then put a cold fruit drink in it.(like orange juice, pineapple, cranberry,peach, lemon ) wait 10mins the drink with straw.
Gurgle warm salt water
brush your tongue
drink herb tea
after your sore throat is gone throw away your toothbrush
how you feel better!!
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Gargle with salt water 3 times a day. Do not drink the salt water as salt can be poisonous if ingested in great amounts. Or you can make a home made remedy serum from rum, honey, lemon juice and castor oil. 1 litter divide ingredients in equal amounts to fill container. Shake well and take 3 times a day. Or just go to your nearest clinic for treatment you just never know if you may ned more than just a home made remedy . You may need antibiotics
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An old home remedy that works well is 1/2 honey and 1/2 vinegar mixed together.
Take a tablespoon once every hour.
The vinegar eats up the bacteria which causes the sore throat and the honey helps to swallow the vinegar easier.
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Sore throats are caused due to a number of reasons. This could be an outcome of a simple cold or a symptom of something deeper as tonsillitis, flu, bacterial infection etc. It is recommended that if a sore throat persists beyond seven days you should immediately contact your doctor.

Sore throats are caused by something known as post nasal drip. This involves basically a lot of snort flowing down ones throat. There is a lot of medication that a doctor can prescribe for sore throats but natural alternatives include gargling with hot water and salt, having honey and ginger with hot water, drinking a lot of fluids, basil leaves in warm water, chamomile tea, grapefruit seed extract, hyssop seem effective as well. Sore throats are also0 treated with natural or herbal tonics and throat paints.
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There are different things: Some people like me gargle with listerine or warm salt water for a while several times a day. Others eat garlic on their toast and it tastes pretty good. But if that sore throat continues after all that go to a doctor. Some sore throats can be serious like strep or bronchitis and can mess with your lungs. See a doctor.
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Well, Gillian you can get instant relief from sucking simple throat pastels, and the pharmacy will have a good selection of these. A sore throat can go on for a long time depending of what is causing it to flame-up, sometimes gargling with a mixture of ordinary salt and water can help - there are lots of remedies. Other times you may need an antibiotic, depending on what the signficance of the throat reacting and letting you know something is wrong. Visit the pharmacy and see what they say..... That's a good start and be sure if it lasts longer than a day or so to get professional advice.... There's lots of free advice  around. Hope useful.
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Avoid sugar, dairy, and other things that increase mucous production.

PH balance with lots of fresh vegetables..boost your vitamin C intake.

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You should first make sure that you don't have strep. Then for the common soar throat you can try gargling with warm salt water a few times a day. Also try expressing yourself, soar throats generally have to do with the inability to express yourself verbally or the suppression of emotion.
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You could always try to gargle with salt water.  Just put a tsp of salt into a cup of warm water and gargle with it. Do that a couple times a day for a few days and you should start to feel better
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Take a tea spoon of honey and swallow it, do this a few times a day. Herbal teas with a piece of fresh lemon is good to do throughout the day as well.
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>use recommended medicine
>honey,lemon juice,sugar and warm water helps a lot
>use warm salt water and gurgle or about a minuit

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