What Does The HIV Rash Look Like?


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An HIV rash will be relatively small and be a dark red and brown colour if you are light skinned, whereas the bumps can be dark purple and black on dark skin. It will also be quite raised in a bump or appear in blotches. You should keep in mind that the rashes can frequent any part of the body as well as on multiple areas. Generally they are found on a person's face, hands, feet, torso and genitals.

- Symptoms

When an HIV rash appears it can feel quite itchy and sore as well as relatively tender; however, there are other symptoms that some people contract such as diarrhoea, aching muscles, tiredness, fever, swollen glands and sore throat. You need to keep in mind, though, that having the rash does not necessarily mean that the person is HIV positive.

- When will it show?

There are four stages of HIV and the rash will appear during the second stage known as 'acute infection'. The symptoms linked to this infection will start to show two to four weeks after it is contracted and should last around 28 days. If it progresses to the third stage, also known as the latency stage, it can continue from two weeks to 20 years, and then the final stage unfortunately is AIDS.

- Significance

If an HIV rash appears then it means that the seroconversion in the infection has caused antibodies to grow in an organism's blood serum, which could potentially lead to becoming HIV positive. Please keep in mind that we are not official healthcare professionals so if you are concerned about this contact your GP for a correct diagnosis.
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Many people – but not all – develop a rash approximately two to three weeks after infection with the HIV virus. The rash is a symptom of the infection, rather than a stand-alone health concern. Not everyone develops the rash, however, or develops it at the same time from infection. For some people, the rash can appear much later, or not at all. Others develop the rash at the 2-3 weeks timeframe, and then it reappears later, although typically this is a reaction to one of the treatment drugs.
The rash is made up of small, dark bumps, slightly raised. It is typically found on the trunk, either the front (chest) or back area, or the face and neck area. Sometimes the rash will be visible on the extremities. In people with pale skin the rash is a deep red to reddish brown; people with darker skin have reported rashes of purple to a black color. The rash is fairly widespread, and most people will see a doctor for treatment of the rash, which can lead to a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS.
Along with the rash, a wide variety of symptoms have been reported, including muscle aches, fever, headaches, thrush (white splotches in the mouth), and diarrhea. However, some people remain symptom-free other than the rash, so it’s a very individual reaction.
The rash itself usually goes away within a week or two. HIV/AIDS, of course, is a much more serious condition that must be treated by a qualified healthcare professional. He or she should also be able to prescribe mediations to limit or eliminate any symptoms associated with the rash.
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I can show you the pictures of Rash in HIV. Kindly visit the following link to see the pictures.
HIV Rash Pictures
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HIV rash.. View pic.
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I've had sex about three weeks ago and it was ;protected recently ive gotten this rash and my throat hurts realllly bad I duno if maybe I have hiv I'm really scaared the rash is on my arms hands feet bottom theighs knee and behind me knee it goes and comes but I don't know
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Hi there I would like to know if anyone can help me. I have a every painful left arm. The pain seems to be in my elbow , it hurts to pick up anything . I was wandering if it might be hiv  or not has I have had unprotected sex before . If you can help me pls  answer me back thank you for your time.
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My name is Jackie and I have a rash in it is below my arm pit and I am a dark brown color and the rash is darker and I have sum on my back to they started out red and it looked like a whip and it was itchy but when I seen it it was after I left the hotel so I don't no I think it may be bed bites wht do you think it is!
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It is a circle with a dot inside the edge of the circle. It looks like an egg sunny side up. It itches and appears to be growing. It is located in the inside of the upper right thigh near the penis
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HIV Rash is slightly raised and dark colored. It usually does not itch and effects the trunk. Take a look at FAQs and Picture of HIV Rash.
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Its a red rash that cover,s  your body for a day maybe 2 and just goes as quick as it came

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