What Is The Best Thing For A Sore Throat With No Other Symptoms?


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Just make sure you drink plenty of warm drinks but try to stay clear of milk as this make your throat cloggy. A good hot drink is elderberry cordial in hot water. Its got lots of vitamin C and it helps me when iv got a bad throat. Garlic too if you can stand it lol.
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Gargle with room temperature salt water. About one half cup to 3 heaping teaspoons of table salt. Stir until all the salt is diluted. (can't see anymore salt in bottom of glass) Should feel better in a few minutes. Also if you have any Tylenol OR aspirin OR Motrin. (not all three) You should know which one you can take. If you're not sure, call the local grocer pharmacist, they'll be willing to help. Read the recommended dosage on the bottle! Only take what is recommended. Hope you feel better.
Ps. If this a chronic, (reoccurring) pain you should see a doctor as soon as you can. Chronic pain is our body telling us something is very wrong. Don't mess around when your body is trying to tell you something!
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You should try gargling with warm salt water that may help good luck
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Mmmm.  3/4 oz brandy 1/4 oz honey.  Warm.  Repeat as necessary until sleep occurs or sore throat is gone.  Grandmas recipe.

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