I Have Slush In My Gallbladder...what Is It? Where Did The Blood Come From? And Is It Serious?


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There are many different ailments that the human body can suffer from and obviously some of them are far more serious than others. If you have slush in your gall bladder then it can be quite a serious condition and one that will generally require some kind of surgery in order to rectify the problem. For those of you that are not already aware, the gall bladder is the organ that stores the bile in your body that is produced by the liver. The slush that you have present in your gall bladder is simply a combination of this bile and a large amount of dead blood cells. These cells can easily cause blockages in the gall bladder which can be rather hazardous to your health and something that should be acted upon quickly. These blockages, obstructions or stones in the gall bladder are not good news and can also cause a lot of pain. This condition can also cause inflammation of the gall bladder too. If you find that you have any of these conditions, it is imperative that you have surgery to correct them as soon as you possibly can. Although they are not immediately life threatening, there can be a great deal of pain involved if the condition is left untreated and if the slush is left unattended for too long there can actually be a risk to your life in the longer term. Surgery is the safest and fastest way to remedy the problem. Always visit your doctor or physician immediately if you feel that you have this condition.
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Gall bladder stores the bile which is produced by the liver. The slush is the mixture of bile and many dead cells which can cause blockages in the gall bladder. The stones in the gall bladder, inflammation of the gall bladder or obstruction, the solution is surgery. If you have gall bladder problem the definitely you are going to have surgery.
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Try a gallbladder/liver cleanse. It is amazing! The results will shock you.
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I have to see a surgery clinic on consultation . Had cat scan . On gall bladder . Said there is a mass. A neoplastic mass I know thats cancer  but it also said prominencesludge ball> ??thanks
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I just got told by my dr I had that .. After I had an ultrasound and he said it was nothing to worry about as it will just disintegrate after awhile.

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