What Cause Cold Feet, Swollen Face And Hands And Tiredness?


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After getting I.V. I have swollen feet, hands and face
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Most likely it is an allergic reaction to some kind of chemical.

There is a small possibility that you just have a bug or that it was from something you ate, but probably not.

Either way you should probably go see a doctor ASAP Get well soon! :)
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This can be due to several things, if came on suddenly may be an allergic reaction, there is Benadryl which is very effective, if on going may be due to circulation problems. If so get yourself to a doctor or clinic
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I have a cronic swelling for more then 20 years dr try a lot or medications on this time which nothing work maybe actualy got it worst I'm very frustrate that no one after all this years and all this dr can not help me or find a medication that works help

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