What Does Hives Look Like?


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Hives basically resemble eminent swollen welts, usually red in colour on the surface of the layer of the skin. Hives are generally caused due to an allergic response to any kind of food item or medicinal drug.

When one develops an allergic reaction to something, chemicals like histamine are introduced to the blood, resulting in itchiness, swelling among other things. Hives generally occur in persons who are prone to allergies like hay fever.

Similar swelling or wells on the face area is called as angioedema. It can also affect the hands, feet and the throat area.

Hives can occur as a result of a reaction to the following substances: Medicines
Shellfish, eggs, milk Cat dander, or from conditions like Emotional stress Extreme exposure to the sun
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Hives are caused by an allergic reaction within the body and they occur when histamine is released under the skin causing swelling. They are usually either red or white in colour and they are basically raised welts on the skin. Mainly they occur on the chest, back and tummy but they can rarely appear on the face.

Generally hives come and go within the space of 15 minutes to several hours. They often disappear on one part of the body and then come back within a short period of time on a different part. The most irritating part of having hives is that they usually itch and when they are scratched it can make them worse.

Hives are caused usually by an allergy to food or medication though they could also be caused by illness. It is always worth visiting the doctor to have a proper check up if you or your child has them.

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