Is 138/102 Bad Blood Pressure?


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kershundala orourke Profile
Yes, 138/102 is considerably high. Blood pressure in this range is usually diagnosed as hypertensive. Normal adult B/P is 120/80 but can vary for different people. Your systolic B/P (the bottom 132) is way above normal. Systolic measures the blood pressure inside your vessels. I suggest you see a doctor soon. By the way I'm a licensed nurse. Good luck.
Yes.  138 is ok normally.  But 102 is on the very high side.  Please take medication as advised.
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Kyoko Katayama answered
This blood pressure is a stroke or heart attack just waiting to happen.  Hie thee to a doctory, girl.
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The ideal BP is 120/80. Now, they're are saying even lower is better.

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