My Blood Pressure Reading Is 138/66, Would You Say That Good Or Bad?


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That is an odd reading.  How many times have you had it checked and is it always about the same? The 138 is the diastolic and that reading is slightly elevated but not alarmingly so.  It probably would go down if you used less salt in your diet.  The 66 is the systolic and it is a bit low.  That is why this is an unusual reading because one is  a bit elevated and one is a bit low.  It is possible that you are not drinking enough water or exercising enough to push your systolic up.  This is not a bad blood pressure and certainly not worthy of your concern.  If you would like to improve it you probably could change it in a week if you lay off salt and drink a lot more water.  Find a drugstore where you can test your pressure regularly and do it weekly and keep a chart.
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The top answer is pretty  good but they messed up the diastolic and the systolic.  Systolic is the top number and it is the amount of pressure exerted on you artery walls when the left atrium contracts ( meaning its pumping the blood out).  Diastolic is the bottom number and it is read when the left atrium retracts pulling blood back into the heart.   120 / 80 is the preferred BP for adults, but everyone is different.  Exercise, diet and hydration are the best ways to fix blood pressure.  Also stress is a big factor and if you were standing or just exerted yourself can factor it.  So no alarm.  BP is a tricky thing.  Id say just monitor it and see how it changes or if it doesn't.
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Actually pretty good. I might want to ask them why the top number is a little high, but that is a low bottom number. But both are well within the acceptable and healthy range.
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Thats a bit high

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