I Have A Strange Tingling Feeling On My Right Side Under My R?ibcage. Also My Arm Seems Numb Under My Right Armpit Off And On. It Is Like I Can Feel The Inside Of My Body. Had A CAT Scan At VA And Drs. Said Everything Looks Ok, But Any Ideas Out Ther


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If the dr says everything is fine more than it is. If you think you need a second opinion get one.  Ask them to do a mri  that can give a more accurate  reading and indepth
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I have the exact feeling in my right side! It is like when you get butterflies in your stomach, only it's on the right side of my torso, just under the ribcage and sometimes a little behind. It almost comes in like tingling waves. I first experienced it a couple years ago and was tested by several doctors but no one could figure out what it was. It went away for almost 2yrs and now it is back. It's like a deep tickle that gets so intense sometimes it makes me want to double over on that side. If anyone has any answers to this please respond!
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I'm afraid I don't have an answer, but have the same sensation. Right side, waist below my ribcage. You're exactly right when you describe it as you can feel the inside of your body. It's like a tingling, not really a pulsating. I expect it to be firm when I touch it, but it isn't... Almost feels like a new muscle has grown in there...

Am also experiencing dizziness and headaches.

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