What Disease For Canines Is Comparable To Parkinson's Disease Symptoms?


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Neurodegenerative disorder If your dog has this I am very sorry as it is incurable at this time. There are medications that will help control the symptoms some what.
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I recently got a beautiful puppy named Baron that seems to have Parkinson's Disease or something like it. His head shakes and his back legs won't stay on the ground. We saw another vet yesterday who is going to try him on Silegiline and L-Dopa. No vet I have seen has ever seen this before. If anybody has went through this, or is giong through it help me out.
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My Flat Coated Retriever is also suffering from this illness and we contacted Davies Veterinary Specialists, they were very helpful and knew what the illness was. They also knew of other dogs suffering from it, you should check it out with them rather than to let people experiment. To contact them ask for Laurent Garosi, 5 Manor Farm Business Park, Higham Gobion, Hitchin, Herts SG53HR. Tel. 01582 883950.
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My vet said he attended a symposium on this issue.  My dog is an australian shepherd mix and has shaking of the head for about 30 seconds to one minute every few months or so.  My vet said that a number of dogs went through veterinary analysis and they were not able to find anything wrong (including MRI's, blood work, cat scan) with any of the dogs.  He suggested these possibilities:  Scar tissue on the brain from a trauma, tumor in the brain.  So far my dog is 8 and healthy.  I believe she is having the tremors after she eats vegetation (grass in our yard) possibly containing chemicals.   I see a strong correlation between the two, but am not sure.

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