What Are The Early Signs Of Parkinson's Disease?


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The earliest symptoms are usually stiffness or muscle soreness, typically in just a localised area of the body (just a finger or a shoulder, for instance). Poor balance is another symptom, which may be manifested by increasing tendency towards falls. These symptoms can rumble on for years without progression. Many people may be suffering in this early stage without realising it. The most diagnostic sign is when a tremor develops. This doesn't always mean Parkinson's, but it tends to lead to a medical tests which can eliminate other causes.

Unfortunately there is no definitive test for Parkinson's. What's worse is that up to 30% of patients may not have a tremor as an early symptom, which makes it harder to diagnose. Other symptoms of the disorder can include drooling, handwriting difficulties, anxiety and constipation. Parkinson's is usually diagnosed when other causes have been excluded, and brain scans have verified that a decline in dopamine levels is occurring in the patient's brain.

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